Corporation Tax

The Corporate Tax you pay on your business profits

Courtier and Courtier provide preparation and submission of your CT600 Corporation Tax Returns.

Together with the production of your statutory accounts, we can provide a full Corporation Tax service.

Every business in the UK is required to submit a Corporation Tax return each year, in order to let HMRC know the tax which the business is due to pay.

Failure to submit your Corporation Tax Return on time, can and does lead to penalties being issued against the company. So it is vital that these are prepared and submitted on time each year.

Other obligations Ltd Companies have is the submission of a Confirmation Statement, previously known as an Annual Return. Which is filed each year with Companies House.

Statutory Accounts and Financial Reporting Standards

Under UK financial reporting, it is important to understand which reporting standards you must adopt, Your accounts, also known as financial statements will be publically available to view at Companies House, and will also dictate the level of corporation tax you pay.

We ensure that your business meets the correct reporting standards as well as the correct terminology used when preparing your statutory accounnts.

A fine is a tax for doing something wrong. A tax is a fine for doing something right.

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