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A paymaster's or employer's list of those entitled to pay and of the amounts due to each

Courtier and Courtier is a payroll provider, providing payroll solutions for all types of business.

If you are a Company Director, or you employ at least 1 person, you should think about your obligations to operate a P.A.Y.E. Scheme.

P.A.Y.E. or Pay As You Earn, is the process which enables you to hire employees and pay salaries. You must maintain an accurate record of pay, submit this record before each pay period to HMRC, and in most cases, you must also operate an employee pension scheme, known as Auto Enrollment.

Salaries can be paid, weekly, fortnightly, four weekly or every month, and if you're a director, annually.

RTI or Real Time Information, is the process in which you submit pay details to HMRC before each pay period.

We can provide the following

Employer Registration.
Weekly, Fortnightly, Four Weekly, Monthly and Annual Payslips.
RTI Submissions including FPS and EPS.
P60's and P45's.
Auto Enrolment Pensions.
Detailed anaylis of payments required to make before each pay period.

Auto Enrolment

It is now a requirement by law to operate a work place pension scheme if you employ anyone.
With all our Payroll services is the inclusion of calculating and submitting auto enrolment pension contributions.

We recommend NEST Pensions, however we can also use any existing pension provider you may already use.

Directors can sometimes benefit from operating a P.A.Y.E. Scheme because it enables them to include a salary in their financial statements, thus reduce their Corporation Tax, as well as contribute towards their state pension.

You dont get paid for that hour. You get paid for the value you bring to that hour. -- Jim Rohn

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